Housing Support

What is Fusion’s Housing Support Service?

We offer a range of Housing Related Support Services to help you find a place to live, maintain your home, and build the skills you need to manage independently. We can for example, help you apply for a tenancy through the council, housing association or private landlords. We can help you find ways to budget on a low income and deal with debt issues. We can give you advice on housing benefits, tenancy obligations and support you to set up your home.

We will make sure you get the right help from other parts of our service and external agencies that can help you with your issues such as education and training, your mental and physical health, parenting skills or substance misuse.

You will be allocated a Housing Support Worker who will meet with you on a regular basis. We will help you draw up a personal plan of goals you would like to reach and support you to achieve them.

Note: Our Housing Support Service is only available to those who have accommodation in the Kirklees area or are homeless and/or seeking to be rehoused in the Kirklees area.

Is Fusion Housing Related Support for you?

If you need help accessing or keeping your accommodation then our service might be right for you. If

  • You are 16-35 years old. You could be single or a couple.
  • You are aged 16-60 years old and have recently arrived in the UK with leave to remain. You could be single, a couple or a family.
  • You are over 18 years old and live in a private sector tenancy or would like to find one.
  • You are aged 16-35 years old and have children.
The team at Fusion Housing are all very friendly and approachable. I feel that I can discuss anything and won’t be judged. Its great that all the team are empathetic listeners.

How to enquire about Housing Related Support

You can refer yourself by completing the contact form below we will then contact you back to get more detailed information from you. You can also come into our initial contact service at either Huddersfield or Dewsbury office.

Or you can ask anyone from another organisation to contact us to make a referral.

At times we do have a waiting list for Housing Related Support, but once you are on it, you can carry on using our drop-in sessions to get support with any urgent issues.

If you are on the waiting list, you will be asked to let Fusion Housing know of any changes in your circumstances or contact details.

When your name is near the top of the waiting list we will make contact with you to let you know, and arrange and appointment. If we cannot make contact you may be taken off the waiting list.

Floating Support

Floating support is all about you as a younger person learning to live successfully on your own.
If you are 16-35 and single or a couple and needing help to find a place to live, maintain your home or build the skills you need to manage independently, then our floating support service could be just right for you.

Our Housing Support Workers can help you to understand what it means to live independently and support you to achieve this. Your needs will be different from other young people so the first thing a support worker will do is find out what you want help with.

We can offer you a wide range of help and support including:

  • Finding somewhere that is right for you
  • Making sure utilities are connected
  • Advice about how to stay safe and secure
  • Help with benefits and grants
  • Learning how to budget and manage debt
  • Learning practical skills such as cooking and keeping the place clean
  • Help to manage health and wellbeing
  • Putting you in contact with any specialist services you may need
  • Encouragement to get involved in the local community
  • Support to access training and work.

You and your worker will write your personal plan of action and will discuss how you will achieve your goals. We will meet you on a regular basis, usually once a week until you are confident you can live independently.

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